Problems adding E-mail account to my LG Ally.


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Nov 15, 2010
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Hello everyone. I'm brand new to this fprum and a new LG Ally owner as of this past Thursday. This is also my first smart phone, so I probably don't know all the correct terms, etc. Anyways, I set up my yahoo account on the e-mail app when I intitally got the phone. This was before I knew there was a specific yahoo e-mail app. So I downloaded that app, and since I didn't feel the need to have my yahoo e-mail on 2 different apps, I deleted my yahoo account on the e-mail app. Now, I'm trying to add another email account onto the e-mail app. I put in my user name, and password, but it won't let me click on "next" or "manual setup" I tried hitting the menu button while on the email app, and still nothing. i don't know if I messed something up when I erased my yahoo account, because I had no problems when I added that account on there initially. Does anyone have any suggenstions? Thanks.