Problem with Motorola Devour activated on Pageplus


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Mar 9, 2012
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I activated a Motorola Devour on my son's Pageplus account. During activation we had a hard time getting past the Motoblur account. The tech gave me a code to bypass it, but now everytime my son turns the phone off and back on he loses all his contacts. He also has to punch in the code everytime he turns the phone back on, which is no big deal.

I'm wondering if this is two different issues or are they related? And what if he just set up the motoblur account...would this fix the problem or is there a downside to doing this?

I already have 5 lines with Verizon and I wish I could just get one more line for my son, but since this isn't possible I have him on Pageplus.

Thank you for any suggestions and info.


Feb 9, 2011
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Yesterday I took Mom's Moto Devour A555 off MotoBlur, no longer having to enter the code at boot, which is by the way: ##bluroff ...from the Welcome/activation screen.

My situation is slightly different. Mom upgraded from Devour to Droid 4 last month after having too many issues with the Devour, mainly internal battery damage or memory limitations, which I thought was pretty far fetched until I saw what happens when my Droid R2D2's battery was too low during an sbf reload (a different adventure for a different time). Anyso, we wanted to take the old trusty Devour off her Verizon ID & wipe it to become a games-only WiFi-only toy for the grandsons. I think this may help you, though, since it involves 2 parts: the activation loop and the MotoBlur interruption. Now i didn't try setting up a new MotoBlur account "for the kids" because this unit will no longer be tied to any mobile phone carrier account, but here's the scoop...

The problem: using MotoBlur bypass causes the phone to do a factory wipe at each boot, hence your loss of all contacts & settings, let's call it an amnesia loop and the password is ##bluroff to start the merry-go-round again.

There is an APK triggered at boot until successful VERIZON carrier activation completes, and this is wrapped up in the MotoBlur interface. So what happened was that each time phone rebooted or was turned back on from power off state: welcome back to an empty phone & wouldn't we like to activate again? (Oh please NO).

It made sense to me after I read through the forums, the MotoBlur had to be disabled from reloading at boot. I don't intend to ever reactivate our Devour, so I actually deleted the Blur APKs using these codes:

rm /system/app/Setup-release.apk
rm /system/app/Setup-release.odex

But you could also rename the Setup-release package files if you want to later revert to Blur. I figure I'll just flash the factory SBF if I ever need to do that.

Here is a pointer to the MotoBlur bypass, which doesn't require root all by itself:

Here's the way toward permanently disabling MotoBlur on the Devour, which *does* require root, at least for this method:

The threads are related and cross-linked, and in fact, the first one ends currently with a discussion of reactivating Devour on Page Plus! Maybe that's *you!* ...or someone like you... ?

Your mileage may vary. I can't suggest you root the phone, just show you that's what worked for our situation. And certainly I want no responsibility if you brick it (also see in the 2nd thread I listed here: links to download the SBF for any potential unbricking needed).

Digression. Good luck! One final sidenote: Before going through the root and "permanent" Blur removal procedure, I used temporary bypass (##bluroff) and verified that WiFi was indeed functioning for Internet browser, then followed the prescribed steps. The Devour is working for us exclusively on WiFi now, and since I didn't "flash a different carrier (or reactivate)" it still shows Verizon cell signal strength, without any 3G or 1X data indicators, of course. :)K

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