Predator: Dark Ages


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Dec 23, 2009
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I am a fan of the Predator movies despite the quality getting worse with every release it seems. Looks as if an independent film company will be taking a crack at this. I know they will not have the budget to show off the technology of the Predator but I am interested in seeing what they can do with this property. Maybe this will inspire Fox, who is currently working on an Alien reboot, to bring us another Predator movie (done right).
It was never really an idea that lent itself to a franchise. Neither was Alien, really. Oddly enough, aside from the originals Alien vs. Predator was pretty good.
On a similar note.. I watched Prometheus last night. It was better than expected..

The alien vs predator movies.... Idk.. They irritated me because they didn't really show the predatory prowess of the predators.. Yes I get that these were young warriors as it goes in the movie... But idk.. Predators are supposed to be huge and still agile and super strong and very good killers with tech and hand held weapons.. Other than the lone predator in requiem.. I never got that feeling from watching any of the other predator portrayals.. Just me I guess.. I didn't see the brutality and cunning with high level skills that I associated with predators.. They're a warrior species.. But smart and very adaptive... I saw a bunch of easily killed targets...

After generation upon generation.. You become adapted to handling certain things.. Your weapons and methods would have to adapt or your prey would adapt. Then you become prey..