Power button won't put phone back to sleep.


Nov 3, 2009
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I switched to this rom today and now my top power button will not put my phone to sleep. It will wake it, power down, etc, but not put it to sleep. What is causing this and can it be fixed. I am fed up with reloading roms. I really like this otherwise...
Did you wipe? Because I don't have this problem.
yes. I have done about a dozen different installs and never had a problem. This is the first time.
medic open up spare parts. The option to have the power button put device to sleep is in there
Thanks guys! Saved me a load of trouble.... Ugh!
just realized how low my member number is now! wow...
LOL my button did that today after having rom for long time, forgot I changed in spare parts, spent hours, seen this post and thought another person also. :blink: so happy now thanks for response.