Possible dock charging issue


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Jul 13, 2010
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Arnold, MD
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Does anyone have the Verizon dock for the X? I think mine may not be charging my phone...

Every night, I dock my phone to charge and act as my alarm clock. Yesterday morning, I took the phone off the dock and went on with my morning routine. 3 hours later, while at work, I checked the phone and noticed it was down to 70% battery (and I hadn't used it at all for anything). I thought that was odd because I've never had it drain so fast...it might go down to 90% within 6 hours, but never that low. So I plugged it up to the charger I have at work and it recharged fully and held steady till I left at 5 pm (six hours after I saw the 70%).

Last night, same thing...docked the phone, woke up at 8 and saw the battery was at 60%. Which is just below where it was last night when I docked it at midnight.

I made sure everything was still plugged in, and it was all secured...I'm wondering if the dock could be going bad. Anyone else experience this?


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Jul 3, 2010
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I had to just recently get the ac charging cable for my docking station exchanged because it wasn't charging correctly. When I used just the cable to charge my phone it never be a connection and when I plugged it into the docking station, I couldn't even get the charging symbol only my battery symbol. I would definitely check to see for sure if it's charging while on the station and if it isn't a trip to verizon may be in order.

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