Portable Monitor GeChic 1303H Review


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May 16, 2012
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I found myself in need of a very specific product: I needed a somewhat large portable HD monitor for my phone. It had to take an HDMI signal, but be powered over USB so I could use it while on the go. I found one, specifically the GeChic 1303H, however, I actually found that its true calling in life was as a large screen viewfinder for a DSLR camera. Granted I used it with my PC as a second monitor, with my Phone during that road trip, but once I started filming things for my reviews. Boy did that make it a done deal.

It is more expensive than a PC monitor, but less than a DSLR monitor, and with the capabilities to do everything in between.

GeChic itself is based in Taiwan, but their US distributor ICITouch Technology is who I went through, but you can get it on amazon, if you like.

TLDW: The monitor has a LOT of potential, and if you waste it on a PC, you will be disappointed, but as an on-the-road monitor, troubleshooting monitor, and DSLR viewfinder, it is worth its weight in gold!