Please Help, I am ready to get rid of the Droid 4 for the iPhone - HAD IT!!!!!

Unfortunately I don't own a D4 and haven't had the time to spend exploring the D4 forum to seek a solution yet. I will but you may find the answer before I do. Anyway, I think power cycling or rebooting may affect the operation of that feature, but I don't think it's the cause...perhaps simply pure chance that on one boot it works, another it doesn't.
The only keyboard Android I've ever owned was the epic 4g, and that keyboard was pretty random in lit areas, however in dark areas (night) it kept the keyboard on all the time. If your old phone still works I'd recommend returning and waiting. In a non rude way, this minor problem is very annoying to you, best to use what you had before :). This way you can compare iPhone 6, sgs3, the vanquish, and who knows, maybe a Droid 5 lol and whatever phone htc graces us with.

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Caesars, I actually agree with you. Your not rude at all. I know this is extremelly annoying to me so its gotta be annoying for people I seek help on it with. When I get obsessed with something hard to let it go until I find the solution. I am hearing that it can now be just weird, random some times it works some times it doesnt. I tend to think if I can't find the solution here then it is no where. I will say thank you to all because I came the closest "here" then anywhere. I also can't believe it but since typing on this board my light has NOT gone out once. It is as if it is stuck ON now. I love it when its on. That is what is so frustrating as I really, really love it on. Even when it was working its best earlier, it randomly flickered just a little when you first pulled the keyboard out. Now it is is rock solid lit. I just wish I could be a fly in the UI of this thing to understand what exactly I did to make it lit "this time" so I can repeat later. Other than frustratingly complain for hours and random reboots and checks and unchecks of the display settings, nothing different happened from this morning when it would not light at all to now where it will not go oh well.

I want to see if I can get another re-charge out of it (or re-boot) when it gets low on juice or if for any reason it just randomly stops working from this point with a safe mode then if thta doesnt work control the light Im finally done.

My daughter has an iphone. Id rather use the virtual keyboard on that without a keyboard "tease" at all then purposely allow myself to upgrade to a new phone that tells you it has this awesome keypad with lights and yet not be able to use it. I did try the virutal keypad..I like that too. Unfortunately I have nails that make it really hard to use that but I probably could get used to it. The physical keyboard was important enough to sacrifice the camera so if I can't get the total package I'll go with the ever reliable iPhone. (and for those who are saying who cares about the lights), when they illuminate it is so awesome, so illuminating they actually help guide your fingers to the keys even in a well lit room. It just wakes you up when the keyboard lights up. It also makes the keys look much more pronounced so you type easier, calmer. Hard to explain but from what I have read I am not the only one to freak out without this feature and not let it go. When it works it is so cool. It was the one feature about the keypad that sold me . The light at night as I use my phone alot at night as I have teenagers and often will be in bed checking my phone random times to check on them. Beats turning the light on every few minutes. If this phone promises it, it should deliver. Or atleast have a short workaround. I dont mind even pressing extra buttons, doing odd quirky workarounds as long as its reasonable. But to go hours in a day with it. Then to have it for no apparent reason ..too frustrating. And, to that end, the opposite use doesnt apply either (to use the auto dimmer for what some say it is for). In a perfectly DARK garage the lights on this keypad didnt go on at all (tried multiple times as I was cleaning garage today and my daughter texted me) had to go outside to text her as I couldnt see the pad at all. Now with this phone, UNacceptable If the whole purpose for these lights is really only when lack of light prevents you from seeing the keys then why didnt it come on when I was in complete darkness in my garage. In movie theaters, what a disappointment. It is a constant reminder of my LG Envy phone which I never want to use again. Been a faithful Motorolla owner for years when my 10 year old was using crappy Sprint phones that took amazing photos 10 years ago before she even had an iphone. Went through years of "waiting" it out with my Envy thinking each upgrade it would finally be superior phone. Never happend. I gave it one last shot against my conscious ith this Droid. Done with Motorolla for good.
Droid 4's do not have a removable battery by the way.
Glad to hear you like it :) I miss my epics keyboard lol, when I'm Half asleep and couldn't use the touchscreen, the keyboard called out to me, lol.

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