Please help! How screwed is my phone?


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Jul 10, 2010
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So during a crazy party over the weekend, I managed to drop my moto droid into a mud puddle...twice. Yes I know, complete fail. It managed to keep working somehow, but after calling for a taxi, I noticed my airplane mode turned on and I missed their call. I turned it off, called back, and the phone worked normal all night. Now I wake up to hell, phone is at bootloader screen and saying stuff like battery is OK and connect data trasnfer cable. So I restart back into the hacked bootloader or whatever it is called, do a system restore of an old nandroid and it is back working. Only now the phone starts in airplane mode, and when I press it, it does nothing but make the option unpressable after being pressed once per start up. My wifi does still work, and everything else seems fine, but it did restart to the bootloader screen again after a day. I just plugged in the phone without doing another nandroid restore, and it went back to the airplane mode issue. So, how screwed am i? Physical problems or would a complete restore fix the issue?
Thanks so much for any feedback!
update. after looking into it further, my phone information is saying that my phone number is unknown and mobile status is disconnected along with many other things wrong if this helps. Please guys! I need my :motdroidhoriz: back! Thanks!
is the water indicator tripped on the battery or on the phone?
Oh boy, that sounds worse than... something! I suggest you make sure your phone is dry on the inside, and mudfree. Then, boot into the bootloader and flash a sbf file. I suggest you Google the sbf, good luck!

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Thanks for the replies! Surprisingly, the water damage indicator is all good! Got lucky on that. Thanks for the sbf plan. I am not to sure about it so I will do some googling and give it a shot.
I just thought of this. Since my number is unknown, when I get done flashing it, will I get stuck at the activation screen?
Another update, after the phone was turned off for a day or so. I turned it back on for some music, and the antenna happened to be working. Made a few calls with it and was amazed. Of course when I wake though, it is back to being messed up. I am guessing there is some mud somewhere, anyone know if replacing the antenna housing or cable would fix this? Thanks!!!