PlayPhone Game Store Will Be Working With Cyanogenmod


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have never heard of PlayPhone no worries neither have I. Apparently they are big enough to have caught the eye of Cyanogen, or rather they have paid enough money to be featured in upcoming Cyanogen OS software. PlayPhone is an app store similar to the Google Play store, but focuses entirely on Games. You can find both paid premium games like Need For Speed and NBA Jam. This app store is not moderated in the same way as the Google Play Store.

Its unfortunate to see a company like Cyanogen make the decision to include bloatware in their software since this is one of the ways that users get away from bloatware. It should be noted however that Cyanogen OS is not the same as CyanogenMod so we may not see this included in CM. So far there is no ETA of when this will begin to show up in versions of Cyanogen OS.

Via PlayPhone