Cyanogen OS 12 Apps On Any Device


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have used Cyanogen OS at all you may have become pretty fond of their included Cyanogen Apps. Normally you would need to install the rom to use the apps, but now these apps have been made available as stand alone apps. This is a flashable package, so to install these just flash the package in a custom recovery.

Apps Include:
- Boxer Email App
- CameraNext
- CMFileManager
- CMWallpapers
- GalleryNext
- Hexo Theme from CyanogenOS 12 (activate it in the CM Theme Engine on your phone)
- LockClock
- MaxxAudioFX
- NextBit
- Truecaller (incoming in CyanogenOS 12.1, but I have it alreay here)
- Screencast
- CM Theme Showcase
- Sound Recorder
- Terminal
- Theme Store
- Trebuchet Launcher
- Google Conenctivity Services
- Ambient Core (Cyanogen OS 12 Account Manager - important, dont delete it!)
- Android For Work
- Eleven Music App
- Face Lock
- Media Provider
- Theme Chooser

This also includes the Cyanogen OS 12 bootanimation from the OnePlus. Grab the packages from the link below.

via XDA