Pics from camera/phone not viewable on any computer


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Jan 23, 2012
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Hello gang:

I'm brand new here. I have a droid razr and it's a pretty good piece of equipment, but I have discovered a problem and need your help. Any pictures that I take with the onboard camera cannot be viewed when I USB to any computer.

If I USB the phone to my work, home or anybody else's computer and I access the thumbnails from either the storage card or internal memory, there are no thumbnails to preview. If I click on an icon for any of my pics, I will get a message in Windows pic and fax viewer that says "Preview not available". I cannot move any of this icons or pics from the phone to the computer. It appears they live only on the phone.

I can access any pics that I have in my stored or saved pics folder. If I moved a pic from my computer to the phone, it's fine, but if the pic was taken with the phone, it can ONLY be viewed on the phone.

I have talked to some tech friends and I have already deleted the thumbnails folder and allowed it to repopulate. It did not have any effect. I had another person tell me the only alternative is to take the phone back to Verizon and have it wiped clean and reprogrammed. Basically start over. I hate to lose all my pics and stuff.

Any ideas or help that you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you.