Physical Keyboard input delay option?


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Aug 15, 2011
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I was wondering if there would be a way to add a filter to the physical keypad on the D2 to prevent multi-letters. something like Press key "X" then add a delay to the key for a few milliseconds where the key doesn't input more then one time.
It seems every D2 I've owned gets the multi-key bug after some time and everyone I know who owns a D2 and text with the physical keypad all have had the problem and replaced their phone or stopped using their keypad altogether.

I looked threw the forums and web and seems lots and lots of people have the problem and the only fix is getting it replaced. This just seemed like a good alternative.

Nothing like trying to type on the physical keypad and getting something like this. "heelllllo,. hhowww aarre. youu?" or "Llloll" (Looks like a drunk typing!)