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Oct 7, 2010
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Ok so I installed the stock rooted gingerbread approx. 3 weeks ago, with no issues, since then I have not downloaded anything or had any issues whatsoever.
Then yesterday out of the blue everytime I plug my phone in, whether it be my car dock, desk dock, or even the wall charger, the phone reboots, don't know why all of a sudden it started doing this. Any ideas? Thanks

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I have a similar issue...except it doesnt happen when I plug it in...all the time, just sometimes....but it will randomly reboot at any given time. At least 3-4 times a week...very annoying!
My first DroidX rebooted constantly. I returned it and haven't had a problem since. No idea what bit was but I did read others were having this problem in a different forum.
It is a very common problem with the Droid X. Being that it happened with the last two updates of Froyo, and continues to happen with GB, I think it is a hardware flaw.

However, my girlfriend's new Thunderbolt that is not rooted and is completely stock, does it as well.

I think that Android still has some bugs to work out, or some common apps do. One thing about the App Store, is that they have some rigorous testing before apps are allowed to be published.

Android lets you put just about any old crap out there...
Mine constantly reboots as well. I used Z4root to root my phone and it worked great for about 4 months. Then, all of a sudden it started rebooting itself. I unrooted it using z4root and then it was still doing it, so I thought to heck with it and rerooted it again. It has done it a few times since rerooting it. VERY annoying. Phone seems to lock up occassionally too. that really sucks...
If it reboots while you in the middle of trying to root your phone or flash a ROM, it could be a problem.

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Nope, never rebooted while I rooted it and never rebooted while I unrooted it. It just does it randomly, although I have noticed seems to do it more after sending a text through handcent, although it has just done it on its own without me even touching the darn thing.
Same issue here. I put GB on and since then (last 2 days) it just turns off randomly. Not even a reboot, it just turns itself off. I have to manually turn the phone on. Once during a phone call even. Weird thing though...When I check the up time on the phone, it doesn't reset, it just continues along at say 8 hrs 5 mins as if the phone never cut off.

I bought this phone to hold me over til my contract is up, but i don't know if I can wait that long (Nov). Looks like i might have to try another phone if this keeps up. :icon_ nono2:
My DX did that crap ALL the time even with root/rom/zipalign/everything. IIRC, when I went to the .320 leak it stopped and I never really had the soft reboot issue again. My Epic has never done that sort of thing and it is running Android too so I also agree it is some sort of hardware issue with the DX that was either compensated for in software I installed or it burnt in and fixed itself (not likely) or whatever...
My X would reboot all the time on the newest GB. I went back to froyo for that reason. It never does that on froyo. I tried sbf to start fresh, but it always did it. Now on the older GB leak, my phone would freeze. Now running Darkslide again with no issues.

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Mine never rebooted, it just started two days ago and ONLY when I plug in a charger (wall,car & desk dock) thats it no other times

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Mine never rebooted, it just started two days ago and ONLY when I plug in a charger (wall,car & desk dock) thats it no other times

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There have been many threads on this issue, for several versions of the OS. We were never able to lock down any sort of pattern. It happens to stock phones, rooted phone, overclocked phones, underclocked, ROM's, etc...

Completely random, but way too common to be a coincidence. Some thought it was a particular app, but others that never had that app had the reboots.

Android is still a buggy platform, it is not as refined as iOS, and the phone itself might have a flaw.
So how is it that all of a sudden it just starts doing it with no provocation?, the phone has never, in the last year of owning it rebooted randomly, and at that it still does not boot randomly, only when I plug it in, how could that be a flaw, when it had never done it before, then it just starts?

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