phone not reciving


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Mar 13, 2011
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I have a motorola droid and yesterday my phone stoped reciving anything. No phone calss, text, voice mail. the phone works, I can call out, send text out and get my voice mail but my phone is not notifying me or reciving anything. I am sure it is just a command but I have not Idea what it is, any ideas?
Assuming that you are running base 2.2 Android, unrooted. Hmmmm, have you tried resetting?
If u go onto ur mobile network settings. Tty to connect to another network. It shouldn't let u. Then try connecting to ur network. If that doesn't work while ur fone is still on take the battery out take ur sim card out an start the fone again without sim then turn off reinsert sim an restart as normal. If that doesn't work then I'm all out of ideas.

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