Handcent and Google Voice


Apr 1, 2010
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It seems ever since I have switched from the stock Text Messaging app to Handcent, I am no longer being notified by Google Voice that I have a new voice mail.

Example, yesterday I apparently received a voice mail at 800am. I received no notifications. No one sent me any text messages yesterday. This morning I received a text from my wife at 720am. As soon as I received the text, I also received a notification from GV that I had a voice mail. It was a a voice mail from my wife, from yesterday morning.

Today I got into the car at 510pm, saw a missed call from 940 am. No indication of a new voice mail. So, I sent a text from my phone to my phone, as soon as I received the text I sent to myself, I received a notification from GV that I had a voicemail, from that call at 940.

So it appears, that GV is not notifying me of new Voice Mails, until I receive a text message.

Is there a setting I am missing. I just want to get the GV notification. I don't care about the email containing the VM. How do I get GV and Handcent to cooperate so I can receive my VMs as they arrive, and not 24 hrs or more later?

Any help would be appreciated.
How exactly are you receiving the notifications? Are the notifications from the GV app or are you receiving SMS (or email) notifications?
The notification I get for the VM is from the Google Voice app. But it will not show up until I receive a text message.