Phone not giving me any notifications at all for SMS...


Mar 9, 2010
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My phone stopped giving me any kind of notification that I got a text message. No vibrating, no sound, no LED and no popups (using handcent). I went into handcent settings and set all notifications back to default. when I hit test notification I get a vib + sound, but when texts come in I get nothing at all. The only way I can tell I got a new text is to open handcent and they will be there unread. any suggestions? running bugless beast.
also I have rebooted my phone and reinstalled handcent. still no go. even when I try to turn on notifications in the regular text message app I get nothing. this is weird. phone is not on silent or anything weird like that.
What's the default setting in Settings->Sound & display->Notification ringtone? What's the volume level set to for notifications? Why aren't you specifying the setting in Handcent?