Phone keeps boot looping


Nov 9, 2009
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I am running MIUI, and everytime the phone loads up to lock screen and then reboots. It does this over and over again. This all started after the phone battery completely died. I had had this problem before when the phone completely dies it has a hard time loading back up. So i tried to just let it sit and charge for a while to get off the dead battery but as soon as i plug in the charger it tries to boot up. Does anyone have any ideas??
same thing has happened to me several times with MIUI. I don't know why but something about MIUI gets screwed up when the phone battery dies. The only way I've been able to completely fix it is to wipe data/cache from clockwork recovery and do a clean reflash of MIUI. After that if you want to restore from a backup using clockwork, that seems to work fine