Phone is stuck in Boot Animation every time I turn it on. Help.


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Apr 21, 2011
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Hi guys. I had DAS BAMF 1.63 Remix on my phone and I was playing around with flashing Kernels. I tried to flash imoseyon's " extreme: super-undervolted battery saver- 1.41Ghz" kernel. After I applied an update from my SD card in rom manager, and rebooted it was stuck in the Boot animation. I did a battery pull, but every time I turn it on it's stuck.

I went into recovery mode the manual way, but when I try to press restore, it doesn't find anything. This is weird, because I'm pretty sure I backed it up. In Rom Manager before I flash anything I always press the top option that flashes a clockwork recovery. (Is that not enough?)

How can I get my Thunderbolt working again?

Edit: Holy crap! It fixed itself. Of course right after I make this thread. Thanks anyways though.