Phone hangs/freezes after a call and after timeout.... Help Please!!!!


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Aug 14, 2011
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After completing a phone call or when the phone times out, it freezes and nothing will unlock it other than pulling the battery out. If I hard press the power button, the Phone Options screen will pop-up but none of the selection will work thru the touch-screen. While the [Phone Options] screen is open I can open the slide keyboard and use the mice-like button to scroll down and take the [Power off] option. Phone will work again after pulling the battery or powering it off thru the keyboard (at least this will save me the time of removing the battery).
It seems that both actions (call and time out) send some kind to signal to the screen to lock it. When pressing the power button I will see the slide bar to unlock it but the screen is frozen and nothing will make it work. Luckily for Motorola the phone’s warranty just expired (7/28/11).
I have done both, Factory data reset and Wipe data/factory reset (Power key + "x") but nothing helped. I have looked out there on the web but nothing similar. While doing the wipe data/factory reset did not do the [wipe cache partition] nor the [wipe baseband data] -- should I have done it as well?
Does anyone have experienced this? – As you can imagine this is extremely painful and annoying. I ended up increasing the timeout to the max (30 minutes), but obviously jeopardized the battery life. I have to charge the phone almost every other hours.
Any feedback will be very, very much appreciated.