Phone does not register my buttonpresses


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Feb 22, 2012
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I have somewhat of a small problem with my Razr. I just can't seem to write as fast as I can on any other device that I've tested. I hit the correct keys when I'm typing, and the display clearly shows that it's registering all the buttons I press (the pop-up of the letter you press will show) but for some reason it does not write it correctly.

For example, when writing the word "Beach" it will register all the buttonpresses, but it does not seem to register them "good enough" as they are not written correctly on the display. This only happens if I type very fast. Is this just a bad side of the phone, or am I doing something wrong?

Do me a favor, type "Hehehehehehehehehe" on your Droid, and type it fast. Does it register every single keypress for you? For me it keeps showing I hit "H" and "E" but the end result is: Hhehhe.

I'm sorry for the messy and not so well-written first post, but it's 4:35 am here :biggrin:
I just realized that this problem was indeed caused by the app SwiftkeyX. Even with SwiftKeyX uninstalled, the problem remained. I had to restart my phone after that, and now it works like a charm.

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