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Mar 9, 2011
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I have always used quick pdf to read documents and the nice thing about it is that it would always be where I left off when I opened the document again. However since upgrading to JB it no longer saves my place, it always starts back at the beginning whenever I close a pdf and reopen it later. I've tried several other pdf viewers and some allow you to use bookmarks but none work too well. Does anyone know of a easy way to view pdfs and have then save your location?
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You didn't mention which PDF apps you have tried, Repligo and ezPDF are among the best but not free. You may want to try going to settings - apps - all and find your PDF reader and clear it's cache and restart to see if it starts working the way it did.
Haven't used much of pdf, but if I'm not mistaken Adobe Acrobat remembers your position when you close the app.
I've tried Adobe, Qpdf, PDF Reader, Radae, Foxit, quick pdf, and others. They all work ok to view pdfs although some are better for text reflow and reading but none will save my place automatically. I have been using Foxit the most, it will allow me to create bookmarks but sometimes the bookmarks are off by a few pages when I reopen a document. Quick pdf always worked through multiple operating systems (HC, GB, ICS) on two different phone models. Currently I have a RAZR and lost the ability to resume reading from where I left off since the jb update. Not sure why jb would cause this functionality to be lost but there has to be a way to turn it back on?
Best thing to do, like leeshor said would be to clear the apps data and cache. It should return to default settings.
I have tried clearing the data and cache but unfortunately it did not help.
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