PaperWear Brings Articles To Your Smart Watch Screen


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Oct 6, 2011
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Do your loved ones always complain about you being on your phone all the time? There is one way to fix this. Be on your Watch instead! Android Wear is good for all kinds of stuff from telling time to checking out notifications without needing to pull out your phone. Now you can actually read articles from some of your favorite,,, and more! The app refreshes every 12 hours so you will always have new stuff to read. Head to the link below for the app download.

via Play Store
ROFL... You so hit that nail on the head with the first line. :D

So, I will be rocking this app for sure.
I'll give it a try as well. I'm still using an old feed reader on my phone. Tried several newer ones like feedly, but always find myself returning to feedr.

Why not read them on my watch for a change? Here's hoping the formatting doesn't make my brain hurt like some long emails and/or posts on this forum do...
Ok. I must be missing something. These all seem to be blurbs linked to longer articles. Some say things like "6 minute read," but I can't read the entire thing on the watch. Tapping one does nothing. Swiping over gives options to save to Pocket or to Open on Phone.
I complain about my wife being on her phone all the time until she got her Moto360. I have no problem with her glancing at her watch and seeing what the notification sound is for becuase its usually nothing important but man it used to annoy me when she'd look at her phone every 30 seconds no matter what we were doing. Dinner, movie, anything.