Android Wear APP Allows You To Control Your Phones Camera With Your Smart Watch


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Oct 6, 2011
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After owning the LG G Watch for about a week I have to say this little gadget is much more useful than I had originally thought it would be. I find that it is generally easier for me to stay on top of things having a device strapped to my wrist that allows me to view my notifications. Normally I feel my phone buzz in my pocket and if I'm busy I won't even pull it out. With the LG G Watch I don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket I can just flip my wrist. Developers are starting to get pretty creative and are coming up awesome new apps to bring even more functionality to Android Wear.


Developer "Dheera Venkatraman" has just released an app that allows you to monitor your phones camera from your smart watch. Those of you with devious minds will automatically think about the spying capabilities your smart watch will now have. The only thing holding you back from spying on your kitty in the next room will be your bluetooth range. Your phone will have to be connected to your watch via bluetooth for this to work. Some other awesome features include the ability to take better group pictures with your smartphone. We have all been there. Your phone has the best camera so you get stuck taking all the pictures and you don't even end up being included in one. With this app you'll be able to set up your phone and then join the crowd and snap the shot from your smart watch.


Wear Camera Remote is super easy to use. Touch the watch face to snap a shot or long press the watch face to start a 5 second timer. This app is still mostly a demo so bugs are to be expected. The good news is that the app is totally open source so I can image there will be others to pick up the code and get it running smooth as butter. This app is totally free so head to the Play link below for the download.

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