Overlooked Feature: HTC 10 HDMI Out via Type C


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Oct 6, 2011
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These days most of us use something like Chromecast or DLNA to get our content from our phone to our TV screen. Back in the day however it was very common for smartphones to have actual mini hdmi out ports. The desire for phones to become thinner and thinner meant hdmi out ports were a thing of the past. MHL quickly became pretty big. This allowed video signal to be output through your micro usb port through an adapter.

The HTC 10 does not have HML, but it does have display out. You can actually use an adapter to get HDMI out over USB Type C on this device. You can even charge your device while outputting HDMI. The only downside is this won't work with every Type-C to HDMI adapter as most adapters use MHL internally. You will have to find an adapter that specifically uses Display Out. Still this could come in handy if all you have is a dumb projector in the room and you need to make a presentation. Grab a compatible cable from the link below.

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Apr 2, 2010
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That's cool. I wonder how many other existing (as well as forthcoming), phones have/will have this feature. Would be nice to see it in the new Motorola Z.

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