OverDrive Media Console on Andoird - Space Issues


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Aug 10, 2010
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Hey folks,

I'm hoping you can help with an issue. I've searched here and various places online without success.

I downloaded the OverDrive Media Console so I can play audiobooks from my local library (yes, I know OverDrive isn't great, but I want the library books, so I'm stuck with it unless anyone has another suggestion).

I've downloaded two book parts. One is 26.4MB. The other is 35MB. According to application info on the Droid, the OverDrive app takes up 1.46 MB according to Droid Application Info and 909KB according to System Panel from NextApp. That totals up to ~62.86. But, according to my Droid, the OverDrive data takes up 129MB and I keep getting warnings about low disk space.

So I used Astro to try to find the OverDrive app and see if there's extra fluff in there I don't need. For example, I thought I deleted another audio book, but perhaps the files are still in the Droid. The problem: I can't find where the files are stored. I've used the search feature, I've looked at files by size and download date, and no success.

Any suggestions on how to reduce the footprint taken up by this app?

I'm on Motorola Droid. Version 29593. Release 2.1-update1. Build ESE81.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I am experiencing a similar issue.

I am only allowed to download one section at a time, and I have to delete it if I want to listen to another portion of the book. Pretty annoying.

Maybe it is because my phone is so new, Droid Incredible. Makes me sad though... I have a 16 GB Micro SD Card, and I KNOW it is not full