Otterbox Commuter Case - 22.99 at amazon!

wow...leather case cover really look daam cool and pretty that provides my phone a stylish and cool look and also provides protection to my phone.

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The otterbox case is on sale at amazon for 34% off list price, 22.99 instead of the 34.95 retail. I just ordered one, as I got a replacement droid and I am sick of my seidio innocase scratching my phone. Enjoy! Otterbox Commuter Case for the Motorola Droid: Cell…

I'm surprised to hear that your Seidio Innocase scratched your phone. This is the first I've heard of this. I just ordered one because of the slimness and durability I read about on forums. Has anyone else who has had a Seidio Innocase gotten scratches as a result of this case?
I really like the back half but I have broke two of the screen sides by just tossing my phone on the bed. I got the second one from the warranty they offer which is nice and easy to do. I am now buying a cheappy case and just running the screen side.
Otterbox Commuter Case

I had the Otterbox case and really liked it, unfortunately the faceplate cracked and I'm not even sure how it happened since I didn't drop the phone. I called Otterbox and they offered to replace the faceplate, but the service rep told me they were no longer making the case for the Droid due to all of the cracked faceplates being reported. Otterbox quickly refunded my money and I ended up buying a Seido case. The faceplate on the Seido case seems to be more sturdy than the Otterbox faceplate. I do prefer the bottom piece of the Otterbox over the Seido case though since Otterbox has the port covers.
Otterbox is worth the money...600 dollar device covered with a 30 dollar case that actually lasts....unlike bodyglove :( .