Original Droid Wifi questions


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Nov 11, 2011
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I had the original Droid 1 and just recently my screen digitizer went out. I also have the unlimited data plan and an old Moto Q so I switched back to that for the moment while looking for a new smartphone. A friend of mine gave me his old Droid 1 since he upgraded his phone. I was able to factory reset the phone and put in my google email account. I skipped activating the phone but did plug in my sd card from my old phone and was able to access music, pics, etc....I am also able to download free apps and use the internet using wifi (basically like an Ipod Touch).

I have 2 questions:

1) Will I continue to be able to use the device wifi-only in this capacity and not be charged?

2) Am I only allowed to use this phone because I have the unlimited data plan and Verizon is able to monitor me via the Google account?

My ideal situation would be to keep the Droid 1, use it for everything BUT phonecalls, drop the data plan, and use my Moto Q as my telephone for calls and texting. Is this possible?


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Nov 11, 2009
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1. Yes, there's no number hooked up to it and you didn't activate it so it's a wifi only device.

2. Verizon has no idea you have the phone if you didn't activate it. It's pretty much like an iPod touch. Verizon has nothing to do with your google account other than sending you promotions/advertisements.