Original Droid Not Syncing Emails All of the Time

Update on my saga to have my OG sync Gmail properly again...

So I deleted Gmail and reinstalled it. Worked perfectly...for about a day. Then no auto sync. Now it syncs (auto) every other day (or so) for a few hours and then stops. Still syncs fine manually. This is VERY frustrating because I NEVER know when it's syncing (auto) and when it's not.

I don't want to do a wipe as I'm rooted (this isn't causing the problem as I'd been rooted for many months before this started happening) and I'm guessing I'll lose that and I don't want to do it again. Honestly, I'm keeping an eye on the Bionic and hope to upgrade to that if it turns out to be a good phone. Unfortunately, it won't be right away (regardless) due to funds not being in the coffer at the moment. So I'd love to get this fixed.