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Feb 24, 2010
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York, Pennsylvania
My home screen will not switch to landscape. It has just recently stopped orienting and I'm not sure why. Only thing I've changed recently is installed the revolution theme.

I'm currently running cyanogen mod 6 with chevy 1ghz low voltage kernal and adw launcher. I have the cyanogenmod settings / user interface / accelerometer rotation checked. Also have the display / auto-rotate screen checked. Under adw settings / system preferences there is a "home orientation" option which I can't select.

Orientation for all my applications and menus work correctly. Car dock mode also orients correctly, only problem is the home screen.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
I have a rooted Droid. The only time my home screen switches to landscape is when I open my slider. It worked that way prior to rooting. Am I missing a function of the phone?

This function is not available without the help of a third party home launcher
And if you have the persistance option enabled it keeps adw from changing orientation.

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Thanks for the clarification, Tparker! I've never installed a home launcher thus my confusion.

The problem is that the Home Screen USED to re-orient simply when the Droid was held in whatever position. You didn't have to slide open the keyboard to make the screen switch to landscape.

Now, you have to open the keyboard to make it switch (while on the home screen).

It seems to me that this is a step backwards.
(yes, I know I can add an app I don't want to make it work automatically, the way it used to...)
I am positive Launcher Pro has this option, as it is my launcher of choice, pretty sure ADW has it too
I don't remember that ever being a stock option, and I have had my Droid since 11/06/09

It wasn't until an app or the keyboard was opened that landscape orientation came into play
Nope. I don't have any extra home screen apps. I don't know what adw is, and I don't have Launcher Pro.
My home screen always (before 2.2) re-oriented when I turned the phone on its side. I know because the icons would re-arrange to the landscape orientation (I counted and compared the portrait configuration and then the landscape configuration simply by moving the phone).

Sometimes, I just want the bigger on-screen keyboard to type on, and I would first turn the phone, then open gmail. The icons would be readable (in landscape postion), as soon as I turned the phone on its side. No extra home app installed. And, I've checked the auto-rotate box in settings.

The display rotates fine, just NOT on the home screen anymore.
You also aren't the op of this thread, who that post was directed at.

That is what happens when you hijack a thread :)

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If it was there or not, I have done so much with my phone I really don't remember, if it is something you are highly fond of give Launcher Pro or ADW a whirl, I know you said you don't want to use a third party app, but sometimes we have to, to get the things we like back to our devices
Tpark - Thanks, I guess you're right about that.
Tank - Didn't mean to hijack. Just thought similar problem would be appropriate to consolidate into this thread. You're right, too many people cross-talking can get confusing!

Anyway... looks like I'm going to shell out $3 for another app!
Anyway... looks like I'm going to shell out $3 for another app
Launcher Pro is free, unless you just want to donate or like those extra widgets the Donate version comes with...might I suggest giving the Free version a go before donating