Opinions wanted or raher needed, lol

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Sep 12, 2010
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I just received a 2nd TB, this one has no sim card however. My plan is/was to use it mainly for music in my car. Does anyone suggest a good rom for this, granted both TB's are stock at this moment, but that can change. So what im looking for is my 2nd to be able to play Pandora, music on the SD and from where ever else I get it from, hated my phone ringing in the middle of playing these and having to answer questions when my wife is sitting next to me, lol. (Doesn't mean im cheating, just trying to avoid drama, lol)

So i'm thinking i'm going to need to teether wifi to pick up any net radio.

Anyways any suggestions on roms, teethering, music players, I have read the forums, and theres so much information just curious whats the latest and as to what direction i should go, or even quick fix so that my phone doesn't start going off in the car and CONTINUES to play music without pause?

Turning off notifications and lowering the ringer still pauses the music.

Any help would be greatly appericated.