Opera, Chrome or Firefox?



Using chrome now for a few days, I have had no ads pop up. The only problem was the pop up window would not allow any pop ups that I wanted. But, their online help was helpful and I figured out how to allow pop ups when I wanted them.

It is now down to FF and Chrome, but leaning heavily towards Chrome.

Depending on the article you read, and what testing laboratory does the tests, almost all show IE8 as the most secure, and I would be happy to continue to use IE if I could get over that one bug when trying to sign onto a few websites. I have followed all the troubleshooting tips given online for that type of problem, and so far, no luck.

But, as for security on any website, I rely a lot on Kaspersky's anti-phishing, firewall, virus protection, etc., to protect me as much as the website. And so far, Kaspersky has kept me pretty safe so I don't have a big problem with any browser.

I'm really hoping IE9 (which by some early testing on the beta version shows it blows away the security of all other browsers), can cure my problem.

Firefox, just seems way too slow on my computer vs. the other three (opera, chrome, IE). And, only add-ons I run very few add-ons, on any browser, so that should not be the problem.


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Mar 9, 2010
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I've used Firefox for a long time but have been using opera for the last few days and it is just as good if not better. I still don't understand how people can use chrome, but just my opinion.


Jul 2, 2010
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Madison, WI
Have been a Firefox user all my life; that said, I recently switched to Opera and have to say it's simply the best browser out there.

All doubters, try it for a little bit, you'll see I'm right.

For starters, the new Opera is the fastest browser available. Chrome's adds can say what they want, but it's the truth. Look it up.

The features provided are incredibly useful. I've never been a fan of bookmarks, but Opera has this feature called speed dial. It's a homepage for newly opened tabs and whatnot that has large links to click on that display webpages you put in. I have droudforums, gmail, facebook, etc. all one click away (or, more frequently, ctrl + t + once click).

It also has a sync feature that Firefox is trying to implement in its new (horribly buggy) FF4 Beta - if you use multiple computers you sync your browser history, opened tabs, favorites, settings, everything online and whenever you open Opera it's just like the environment you were using before.

It's also very clean looking - FF is trying to copy its look now.

Ever since Firefox quit being its own browser and is trying to copy other people I've given up on it. Opera ftw.

Oh, and Chrome looks and acts like someones garage racecar. I think it's pretty stupid. I hate how there's no menu.

Also, crashes have become a thing of the past for me since switching to Opera, as have page malformations and compatibility errors. The only time I ever use FF is when I'm forced to because netflix doesn't support Opera :(