OnePlus Fixes The "911 bug" On The OnePlus 5


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Oct 6, 2011
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Last week we discovered a nasty bug with the OnePlus 5. When the number was dialed on some OnePlus 5 phones the phone would reboot before the call was able to go out. This bug could be life threatening to anyone experiencing it. Thankfully OnePlus took the complaints of the bug seriously and have already released an explanation and a fix for the bug.

The issue apparently stemmed from a modem memory usage issue. The issue occurred only for some users on VoLTE networks where OTDOA protocol was triggered. OnePlus has worked with Qualcomm to generate a global fix for the issue.

OnePlus had this to say.
Last week, we received distressing news regarding an issue related to dialing an emergency number on the OnePlus 5. Late last week an update was released to resolve the issue. We would like to provide additional information on the emergency call issue.

The source of this issue was related to a modem memory usage issue that triggered a reboot. This reboot was a random occurrence for some users on VoLTE network where OTDOA protocol was triggered when placing an emergency call.

We have worked with our partners at Qualcomm to resolve this issue globally.

To clarify, this occurred only on some OnePlus 5 devices, in random instances under the circumstances described above. Starting last Friday, we rolled out a software update that resolved this issue.

We took this extremely seriously and want to thank the users who provided device logs to help us quickly resolve it.

via OnePlus


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