On the verge...


Aug 2, 2010
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I am seriously considering buying the nexus 9 tablet. I seen it in the play store for 299...

Why the nexus words in the Samsung forum? Well a friend of mine is selling his galaxy tab s for 300... with a 32 gb SD card and smart cover. Now I know this guy takes care of his stuff really well. I also know he is an apple fan boy. Anyways... I am having trouble deciding.

Can someone help me swing 1 way or the other?
I heard that the GT s 8.4 suffers from weak WiFi and that the battery will not last 8 hours under heavy use. I have a gs5 and play various games on it. I was hoping to limit my play time on my phone so that the battery will last longer. So I will be using the tablet for gaming and watching movies and such.