OMG, Tweetcaster...someone just slap me!


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Feb 22, 2010
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Charleston, WV
I have never understood what anyone saw in Twitter for all this time. The idea of sending small snippets of what appeared to be TMI info seemed a little OCD to me.

But, for whatever reason I was directed to Twitter by a sports publication last week and since starting to follow just one service things have gotten out of control. It has gone from a literal news ticker for me to where I am now following several people and it is just consuming my mind!

Add to that I installed Tweetcaster Pro and it is so awesome that I dont do much else anymore on my I even post my FB comments throught Twitter now. At one time I had 5 Twitter apps installed at once to use different parts of multiple apps.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone else had a similar experience with their introduction to Twitter?

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