Odin File Released For Verizon Galaxy S4 Unbricking


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Oct 6, 2011
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The first thing that you will want to do before getting busy with Rooting and Roming your new Galaxy S4 is to download the Odin stock.img. It will serve as a safety net, a way to easily return to stock settings incase you need to return your device for warranty purpose. It is also nice to have a stock.img handy incase you accidentally slip up during a rom flash. It may take a while to download the file as it is over 1gb in size, but it will be well worth having this file around. Once the file is installed you will need to load it in Odin under pda and simply click start. The process generally takes about 15 minutes which can feel like an eternity if you are encountering a soft brick. Head to the source link below to grab this file.

Via xda
Definately a file that is a "must have" for any GS4 owner. Jump on it and save it somewhere safe!!!!
Will this work on the Dev Edition or will it replace/lock the bootloader?
Downloading now and this is my "insurance". DMX comes through again :hail:

servers must be getting slammed; 21hr download time
It's nice to finally see a recovery method for that phone. I expect that with this release the flashing of new ROMs will take off. Time to get hacking! Gotta love Android! :icon_ banana:
HELP ME UNBRICK PLEASE :( have been trying for over 6 hours & Nothing.

HELP, i've downloaded countless versions of the Stock recovery MD5 file and none are working to unbrick my Verizon galaxy S4 Firmware ver: VRUAME7 (came stock with this firmware when purchased) and nothing is working.

After successfully rooting using the microSD card method, I stupidly installed GooIM and then tried installing twrp.. I forgot that this version of firmware didn't have the bootloader unlocked yet and when the I booted into recovery it took me straight to " firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again." I already tried KIES recovery but it asks for serial number. THERE NO DAMN serial numbers anywhere on the phone, battery, or box that work. (including IMEI)

I then figured DOWNLOAD MODE worked so let me flash the stock odin file but I keep getting a FAIL installation every time.

FYI; I'm using parallels for mac and windows 8 to run odin. all the com ports are ok and I know there isn't a connection problem.

Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.29.31 AM.png