Odexed vs Deodexed?


Feb 10, 2011
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What is the difference between the Odexed and Deodexed? What one is better and why. I want to use
TBH gingerbread leaks but can't decide what one is the best.

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summary - deodexed is better. the upside is you can completely customize more easily. the downside to deodex is that anytime dalvik cache is wiped (which isn't often), the next time the phone boots up it will take a little while.

the odexed version is for people who are certain they just want the latest leak but dont want to modify it at all.
being deodexed means you can theme easier and edit the services.jar file in /system/framework/.

being odexed means that each .apk file in the /system/app/and /system/framework/ directories have a corresponding .odex file. This system actually boots the phone up quicker, but we really don't notice it... You can still theme, but it takes more time, the only thing you can't do is edit the services.jar.

Services.jar is the file edited to remove that soft data throttle VZW puts....
so if we go with a deodexed rom can we remove the software data throttle and actually notice that our speeds are better? thanks