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Feb 14, 2010
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West Central Wisconsin
Yesterday, I traded up to a Droid X2 from a Droid X. I had installed a 32 GB sd card into the DX and transferred most of my apps to the card. The Verizon rep at the store said that I might have a problem accessing the purchased apps and I might have to download them again from the Market, but other than that all of the existing apps should be readily accessable when I installed the card to the DX2. Well as most people now realize the DX2 doesn't actually see the apps on the sd card. I am not a developer or a guru in this line of electronics, so I don't want to learn how to root my phone and go into the guts of the thing and apply apps to change what the phone sees as an additional source of memory. That is I believe the phone sees the internal memory as the main memory center ( sd-card ) and doesn't see the additional ( /mnt/sdcard-ext ) as another sd card, or something like that. Anyway it's like having a firewall on my 32 G'er.
Should I initialize the 32 and trash all my apps I downloaded and start new files? Can someone understand what I am asking so I can save my existing apps and use them from the 32 G ? I hope this isn't taken as joke as I have tried to work with this problem, but I don't seem able to come to any solutions. I'm sure someone can come to a solution better than me.
Thank you for all responses.