Notification bar is out of control

big al

May 6, 2010
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This is the best phone I have owned to date but Samsung has gone absolutely crazy in the notifications bar. And yes, I'm coming from the Gnex vanilla.

I used more quickly panel prior so the turning stuff on / off buttons I'm used to (although I wish these were customizable).

this battery full thing..dumb
this nagging WiFi thing..dumb
brightness setting...dumb.

this is a NOTIFICATION area not a SETTINGS panel!!
Haha.. I do agree especially that wifi I don't plan on using... Do you plan to root? Unlock?

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Yea, first thing I thought when I held my buddies Note 2.. It's a bit schizophrenic in the pull down compared to AOSP! There will be roms to fix all of it soon!
Yes there is one already.. Customize the ones you don't want to use..more to follow..

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I'm not planning on rooting for a bit yet as I still have the Gnex which will now become the tinker toy.
Still playing with this touchwiz thing hoping to find a few things to uncheck and tame it down a bit.
I hear ya.. I have a G-Nex as well.. Flash everything on it.. I'm loving this ROM now but I will only flash ones which keep all stock functions..

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