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Apr 13, 2012
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Note Edge - iPhone 6 Plus
As requested here are the things I have done on my Tmo Note Edge to lengthen battery life. Where YMMV, I haven't ever had an issue with making it through the day while sweating battery life.

Location Services:
I have these turned off by default. If an app requires it then I enable it temporarily.

They consume CPU time which translates directly into battery usage. They haven't been an issue for me personally due to the fact that the Edge side bar makes widgets obsolete. I now have only one home screen with one widget. Being able to use the side bar as a Favorite apps placeholder and quick access to the task manager help as well.

Auto Brightness:
Most of my phone usage is done with auto brightness enabled. There is the rare occasion that I disable it when it seems to be having issues such as a much higher needed brightness at night time.

  • Spen when docked
  • All Motion Controls
  • Wifi "Always allow scanning"
  • Wifi Network detection
  • NFC, SBeam, Nearby Devices
  • All carrier bloat via the App Manager
  • Adaptive Fast Charging
  • Auto Adjust Screen Tone
Samsung Flip Cover:
I had to stop using my Samsung OEM flip cover as it was driving up the service called "Cocktail" which ended using far too much battery to be able to justify the use of the cover. As soon as I switched back to my UAG case the service bug disappeared.

I also lowered the Edge Clock to 15 seconds. The default setting is too high. The Edge bar itself can consume up to 2 hours of on screen time battery life if it isn't put on a leash. Even with the restrictions in place you will be hard pressed to actually notice a difference in functionality, but you will see a sharp rise in battery savings.

Lastly, I use a dark wallpaper. Preferably one that has a lot of pure black in it since we are talking about a super amoled screen.