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Nov 24, 2009
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I was having trouble finding a thread on this. Are there any suggestions for good note programs. I would like the ability to do checklists and to post a note to the desktop. I don't want an checklist only program however.
Thanks in advance for ideas!

*Edit - And I'm willing to pay for a decent app too.
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I just downloaded Mobisle Notes does checklist and regular notes but I don't think it can post to desk top
I checked it out and it looks nice. The ui is smooth and the checklists grey out nicely. It seems they are coming out with a pro version but not until google allows sweedish developers to get paid. I'm not sure its quite as robust as I'd like though.
Any other ideas?
Try 'Note Everything Pro'. It combines text notes, checklists, photo notes, voice notes, etc. Any note can be placed on the desktop, added to your calendar and sent via email, sms, etc.

SoftXPerience | Note Everything Pro
That sounds really good I may just try that. The ability to send via text or email is kind of a plus.
I'd happily accept any other recommendations, I'll post back with a review.
Been working with Note everything Pro for about 2-3 weeks now and figured I would give a brief review.

Durable checklists are great for things like shopping list or recurring todo lists. Basically you enter something once and it moves it to your checklist, then when you mark it as completed it moves it to a tab where all of your items are and you can then move it back to your check list.
The password encryption on files is a nice feature if you have numerous door/alarm/passwords to remember.
The reminders seem to work great and the feature to be able to stick a note either to the desktop or your notifcation bar for quick access is helpful.
I haven't played with either the folder options (I don't have enough notes) or the import/export features.
The UI is kinda dull. It isn't confusing just doesn't look great.
On checklists, if you check it it puts a little green mark next to it and moves it to the bottom. I would like to have the item greyed out or have a line through it or some other featureto show that it is done.

All in all it works great and was worth the few dollars I paid for it.