Note Everything, Missed Reminder, Rings Extended, I like


Apr 13, 2011
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South Florida
I am new here and to smart phones. I recently installed Note Everything, Rings Extended & Missed Reminder. Just wanted to give back a little since I have gotten so much useful info here. I hope some find this useful.

Note Everything (only have this for 2 days)
Just what I was looking for. I downloaded the free version and played with it for a day. Liked it but wanted to be able to set a reminder for notes. The paid version ($4.00 or $4.99) lets you do that. This is easy to use, adding notes is quick. With the paid version you can set reminders (sound, vibrate, LED, Wake screen, alarm repeats, time interval of repeats). Paid version also gives you the ability to make checklists.

Missed Reminder (just got today)
I wanted something to give me an audible reminder when I leave my phone in my office and I miss a call or text message. This does the trick. You can set it to turn the screen on, vibrate, play a tone, blink an LED, have a pop up, intervals of notifications, how many times to repeat notification.

The only thing I don't like about this (not really a big deal) is that when I get a text message and go to messages, I can see the message without actually tapping it to open that particular message (if they are short). If you don't open the message then you will get a notification.

Rings Extended
On my thunderbolt certain sounds can only be used for ringtones, others for notifications etc... (as far as I can tell). This app takes care of that and lets you use any ring tone, any notification sound or any other sound for anything you want. When you go to change a sound, rings extended will come up as one of the choices to use. I just click it and have anything on my phone available to use.

I know many of you have other apps you may use for the same thing and that in your opinion they are better because.... I had a need and these fixed what I needed. I am happy with them and wanted to share with others.