App for reminders for missed call,missed text and missed email.


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Apr 20, 2010
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I want to find app that works (vibrates) for when I miss a call , miss a text , and miss a email. I have my DROID RAZR that I just bought it is on vibrate most of the time and sometimes I do not feel it when I get a call , text , or email. I tried Missed call reminder and Missed message flasher and I went by the instructions in detail I thought when they were installed and set up. Then when I put them to the test the missed call worked well just like it said it would. The missed text nor the missed email worked for me yet the apps said they worked for all three of the above. Like I wrote earlier I had all checked off in set up of app. Any help would be appreciated or any advice on what to try. I want app that does all three even if I need three different apps. Thanks in advance.