NOTE 7 Pre-Orders LIVE NOW!


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Oct 6, 2011
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It is that time of year again! Time to throw your money at your screen! The Note 7 is officially up for pre-order now. The Note 7 is up for pre-order as we speak at Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Preach2k already discussed pricing earlier in the day this post just serves as a reminder that you can get your pre-order on!

This device seems to be just a Galaxy S7 Edge with an SPen, but below the surface you get some other cool features like the Iris scanner, Usb Type-C, HDR mode on your display, and more. If you are coming from the Note 4 or Note 5 this is definitely a worthy upgrade. If coming from the S7 Edge not so much. Are you picking up this device? Is it worth the price considering you can get the S7 Edge for about $200 less?
$864 @ Verizon. That's frigging crazy. I'll stick with my Note 4, TYVM. Heres hoping the Nexii..(is that a word?) will be sub $600.
Has anyone completed a pre-order for VZW? Can you confirm you have the option to select the Fit2 or the SD card?
It doesn't look like VZW is offering these. What are the tradeoffs for buying directly from Samsung? If I go that route to get the SD card will Samsung still load the phone with all the Verizon junk?
It looks like you can request them from Samsung (the promo items) once you receive the phone - but not going to say that for sure. Although, I know all of the promos I have done in the past with Samsung it was thru their website and not VZW. For some reason, I was under the impression this one was to be offered at the time of purchase thru the carrier.

Link to Samsung site for the promo... Samsung Galaxy Offer
Yeah, I never got a prompt about getting the Fit or SD card, but it is on Verizon's website as advertised. I believe you will have to go through Samsung to get it. Makes sense from a supply chain point of view.
I called Verizon and here's what they told me . . . first they sent me an email with 2 links - one to pre-order and one to request the promotional items. We did the pre-order but it turns out that you have to have the physical phone to get the promotional items since they require you provide your new phone’s IMEI number or HEX MEID and Wi-Fi MAC Address along with an image of the receipt for the phone.

No worries - I'll use my old SD card until the new one arrives.
Any Sam's Club members ?

$150 gift card in addition to Samsung promo ...

No promo selection with T-Mobile either, although they are listed on the preorder page.

is the gift card for sam's club?
Costco Now.

Get a case...