Note 4 Camera With Galaxy S6 Theme For Note 3


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have ever bought a phone just before the next version of that phone was released you know what it feels like to miss out on all the new features! If you have a Note 3 there is now a Galaxy S6 themed version of the Note 4 camera app for your device. This includes features like various picture sizes, and the option to shoot in 16:9. Fast motion is working, as well as slow motion. There is a small issue where the camera will sometimes fc when using slow motion, but a fix is on the way for that. A few of the features won't work simply because the hardware for those features doen't exist on the Note 3. This is a great camera to use with any Note 4 rom ports you may be using on your Note 3. Download the camera below.

via XDA