Note 2 keyboard and headphones help


Nov 9, 2010
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hey all,

ive had the note 2 for a while and loving it. theres a couple issues im having.

my previous phone was the D2 with a physical keyboard so Im having a bit of a tricky time adjusting to the digital keyboard. is there a better keyboard to use? perhaps one with larger, closer keys? im constantly button mashing and hitting the wrong keys. ive looked in the keyboard options but didnt find anything.
(also, ive added a bunch of words to the personal dictionary, but they dont appear when im typing? )

if I have my headphones in, I cant hear if I get a text or call. my music may pause or dim in volume, but I dont get any notification sound through my headphones, rather all notification sounds are through the phones speaker. using the earbud style headphones, I cant hear the notifications coming from the phone. is there anyway to change this so I get alerts via headphones?

thanks in advance!
Regarding the notification sounds, you'll need an app like SoundAbout or root the phone and install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod.

Can't say on the kb.
Make sure your notification volume is turned up might have it down to low.

I used to make sure and tilt the phone sideways when possible makes the letters bigger just a suggestion

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I've always been a huge fan of Swiftkey, but a few months ago switched to Fleksy Beta. So far I like Fleksy better. You have to sign up for using the beta bit it is just a matter of adding their group in G+. Honestly, there are some Swiftkey features that I do miss, but not enough to switch back. Fleksy is being developed for the visually impaired so the word prediction is unbelievable.
Well, I tried SoundAbout, it seemed to be the fix to the issues im having based on the description and options, but it doesnt work. with headphones plugged in, sound on and loud, text/notifications/calls still come through the phones speakers despite having the correct settings. only difference is I can hear the tick sounds from typing through the headphones, but im not sure thats new.

maybe theres some other issue. normally, when I get a text message or notification alert, it rarely plays the full audio clip. usually it plays the first second or two then cuts out. ive tried changing it to a custom mp3 clip, using the original sounds, and I restart my phone on a semi-regular basis but no change.

as for swiftkey, I liked the idea of it til I got to the information sharing/disclaimer screen, stating that it will store and share your info with the developer, even banking info, but no passwords. not fond of the cloud idea for a new keyboard app, tbh. thanks but no thanks, ill take my chances with button mashing for now or use swipe haha.

thanks for the help so far, though, I didnt know these type of apps existed so ill do some more searching.