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Jul 31, 2011
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It seems that I'm not getting text messages from someone else with a droid x. I'm not sure if any one else is texting me and I'm not receiving them but she has told me that she's texted me and I haven't gotten them.

I'm on a refurb droid x, rooted with gingerbread 4.5.596. Her phone is also running gingerbread but is not rooted.

The last time I received a text message from her was July 22nd which was before I rooted my phone. Between the 22nd and now my phone has been through a factory reset and multiple battery pulls and nothing seems to fix it. I receive text messages from other people without any issue so I'm not sure if it's her phone or mine.

Any ideas?
My Raxr Maxx, which I've had a few months now isn't receiving texts of any kind, it's been doing this for like 3 days now, I'm not sure what the issue is, I've already had this issue fixed like a month ago and now it's acting up again.
A few suggestions since you provided little information to go by...

1. make sure you are not in airplane mode
2. make sure data is enabled
3. try turning off your wifi
4. Are you able to make calls?
5. Are you able to access the internet?

May also want to try restarting the phone.

Hope that helps.

Make sure your phone isn't set on lte only. Check your smart actions. There might be one changing it to airplane mode or something of the sort. And actually data can be disabled and still receive texts (just not multi media messages)
Reboot the device... can you send texts??
1.) I can make calls and use the internet, I can also send texts, but whoever I send them to can't receive them, nor can I can receive any from anyone.
Can not receive messages. :-(

I am having the same issue just started 3 days ago! 10/10/12

I have a Moto Droid X MB810 running 2.3.4 that has worked perfectly for almost a year on page plus. All of the sudden 3 days ago, I can no longer receive text messages(but they go through, when I send them). I've called pp and tried ota programming. I have restored to factory default settings. They said my msgs are just hanging out there and my phone will not receive them. I'm desperate at the moment. I run a business, through my phone and I honestly can not afford a new one right now.

Does anyone have any idea what may have happened that I can not receive any messages?(they send just fine!) Is there a "fix" or "patch" or anything i can do? all else works fine talk/data/wifi/ etc.

Any and all help is VERY APPRECIATED!
Bless you all!