Not getting same speed??


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Jan 13, 2011
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I'm running the wireless tether on ky dinc and the other day I was getting 54mbps the same if I was running on a cable modem. Well, today I'm only getting 18-24mbps. It's secured so noonne is mooching off my connection. What could be the issue?

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too much interference/noise on that wifi channel maybe?
You don't have a 20+ mbps data connection anyways, so it's not affecting you at all.
Bull sh*t its not affecting me. I was pulling 54 mbps on the computer the other day from the phone and when not using the computer running netflix with no lag and now I'm not getting 54...and both computer and netflix are laggy.

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Lol. You can only get up to the maximum data rate of the connection to the internet. The tethered connection rate needs only be higher than that. So again, unless the connection to the net is over 20 mbps, which it's not, it's not affecting you.
Apparently I'm not understanding you. Why did I get 54mbps yesterday and today I'm not?...I'm not about getting 54 on the comp. It stayed at 54 until I shut the tether off. It's not making sense to me.

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Wireless G has a maximum connection rate of 54 mbps. Your 3G connection maxes out around 2.5 mbps, but more likely averages around 1.5 mbps. Either way, if your 3G connection is only 1-2 mbps, it doesn't matter what the tethered connection is, so long as it's higher than 2-3 mbps. Make sense?
I get what ur sayin, but why was I getting wireless g speeds the other day and I'm not now? I wasn't connected to anything but the tether.

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You weren't getting wireless g speeds!! If your computer told you otherwise then its time to fix your computer.