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Mar 15, 2011
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I just realized I had a problem with my droid x. A buddy sent me an mp3 that I wanted to make a ringtone and unlike before once I save the file it doesn't give me an option to set it as a ringtone. Even when I move the file to a ringtone app (ring droid) it will not open/play properly. I've also noticed that when I receive emails via gmail that it only now gives me an option to preview whether it be an mp3 or pdf. It does not give me the option to download or save. I don't know if these two problems are associated with the other but regardless how do I fix them.
Gmail doesn't allow you to download certain files. PDF files can be downloaded if you have an app to view them such as documents to go.

To download all attachments from gmail install an app like "download all files" or "save my attachments".

As far as setting the mp3 as a ringtone, you can use the music app, find the song, press and hold, and set it as a ringtone.
Thanks for the info, this so saved me on something. I just picked up the Download all files app and it worked!