No Voice Commands with Scala Rider G4


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Aug 6, 2011
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I use multiple bluetooth devices. All have and continue to work fine. The one exception is the Scala Rider G4 bluetooth helmet set which should provide me the same functionality as any other bluetooth headset.

The problems I am having are as follows:

No Voice Commands - When I press the phone button on the G4 device, I hear it beep but that's it. No command is announced to "say a command" as I would expect. I went ahead and spoke a command, but nothing happened.

No Incoming Call Announcement - when I receive a call via my headset, I am given audio details about the call and the option to vocally say, "Answer" or "Ignore". All I get with the G4 is a ringtone. I have to press the phone button on the G4 to answer. I'd rather have the knowledge of knowing who is calling before I answer (want to avoid those annoying spam calls and bill collectors).

I configured the G4 to allow voice commands (VOX) - still no luck. The default was set to not accept VOX, so I have tested both options.

All the other functions appear to be working fine (navigation and MP3). Phone calls manually triggered by my phone or answered work fine as well.

Any ideas? Any solutions?