Bluetooth voice commands and car dock audio control


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Jan 31, 2012
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I have the Droid RAZR and LOVE IT! I know that the phone can be controlled with audio commands. It also has the google search option that can control phone functions. The voice controls for translating voice into text is also awesome. The only issue I am having that the phone will not accept the bluetooth as a source of audio if I am trying to convert voice to text. When the phone is in the car docking station it will not allow me to use my bluetooth for any functions that use voice except for opening the browser...but not being able to tell it to go to a specific site or open a new text message...but not input text into the box. The ability to open applications via voice command is awesome but it renders itself useless if you cant use the application with the voice commands. I know that the Iphone 4S with its new fancy voice tool can do such things. Is there an application I can download to use my RAZR in the same fashion? Also I dont want the phone to announce my text messages aloud when it is in the dock. I know you can tell it to dismiss or read allowed but since it doenst accept my bluetooth commands it just keeps asking me what I want to do. Can I shut that feature off?? Thanks!